IKB Poultry

IKB is a system for integrated quality control through the whole supply chain. There are several Dutch IKB-schemes for different kinds of food products from animal origin. The goal of these IKB-schemes is to provide guarantees about quality and the origin of the product and the manufacturing processes at all the links of the supply chain.

An IKB scheme gives quality guarantees for consumers, increases the competitiveness of participating companies and improves the image of the livestock sector.

Retail organizations in the Netherlands desire that suppliers participate in the IKB-scheme concerned. An IKB-certified product is recognizable by the IKB-logo on the packaging.

In the poultry sector are two IKB-schemes: one for the production and processing of chicken meat: IKB Chicken, and one for the production of shell eggs: IKB Egg. These schemes provide requirements for the way chickens live and grow (e.g. housing, animal welfare, feed, use of medication, hygiene, environmental contaminants) and requirements for companies in the supply chain that process and pack chicken meat and shell eggs into consumer packaging’s (traceability, hygiene, food safety).